17 20 Titanfall 2 will be running on Xbox One X in 4K resolution at 60 FPS  

There’s another game that will be running in 4k resolution on Xbox One X and that is Titanfall 2, it is an online shooter with a single-player mode from Respawn Entertainment. This information is still unofficial from their official blog where they actually informed all the fans that they will be releasing a new DLC for the game and it’s releasing on 27th of June.

Along with little changes, added maps and some changes to the gameplay and some additional features. You can check a full list and features on their blog. They also talk about the Xbox One enhancements but that doesn’t mean that the enhancements will come at the same time as DLC which is 27th of June.

Xbox One X is not out there until 7th of December and there’s no point of releasing this patch for Xbox One X at all. However, it’s good to see that at this stage they are confirming 4k resolution for the Xbox One X. Unfortunately we don’t know whether it’s native 4k resolution or checkerboarded 4k or dynamic because all they said is that it’s 4k resolution.

18 8 Titanfall 2 will be running on Xbox One X in 4K resolution at 60 FPS  

However, in terms of the framerate every single version of the game runs at 60 FPS. PS4 Pro version has been enhanced as well. On PS4 Pro this game run in 1440p, no checkerboard rendering.

Our Speculation

We think that this game will be running at native 4k resolution. Because they didn’t use the checkerboard rendering on PS4 Pro, it’s just running at native 1440p so, it may be native 4k resolution on Xbox One X. All we know that it’s going to be 4k resolution.

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As for the frames per second all versions on other consoles actually run in 60 FPS. Assuming that it’s going to be the same case with Xbox One X version.