3DMark is what gamers look at when they need their benchmarks to be accurate. Now the software is upgraded with the 3DMark stack for free to Advanced and Professional Editions. Count yourself lucky if you have bought it after July 14 because the 11 October launch of Time Spy Extreme will be automatically added to your pack.

Time Spy Extreme Result Time Spy Extreme by 3DMark   Check out the 4K DX12 benchmark

4K DirectX 12 Gaming Benchmark

Speaking more of the new benchmark system, it’s dubbed as world’s first 4K DirectX 12 benchmark test. If you have at least 4GB memory in your PC, you don’t even need a 4K monitor to run the benchmark test. The reason why it is the best gaming tester is that it is developed with input from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and the other members of Benchmark Development Program.

Time Spy Extreme Stress Test Time Spy Extreme by 3DMark   Check out the 4K DX12 benchmark

DirectX 12

Ahead of the all-time gaming favorite DirectX 11, It is a low-level graphics API for gamers. The reason why we prefer this next version of DirectX is that it not only helps reducing processor overhead, but it also makes full use of modern GPU hardware. No more aliasing issue as DirectX 12 game engines help you define textures better and makes the gaming effects look better.

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