The news of Nokia’s plans of launching three new devices seems to have put the long going rumors to an end, claiming that MWC, Nokia plans to launch only one flagship smartphone. Fresh, trustworthy reports however, almost ascertain that Nokia and HMD Global are not only launching three Nokia devices but they’re all set to bring a 2-decades-old smartphone back; Refreshed Nokia 3310.

Evan Blass Leaker Wide 2 Time For Nokia 3310 Rebirth? Nokia All Set To Launch 4 Devices At MWC; One Being Refreshed Nokia 3310

Previous Leaks had further suggested that the device making a debut in Barcelona’s Mobile World Conference is surely going to be a Nokia P1, arriving in two variants; one would feature 821 Snapdragon. But as mentioned above, new reports reveal that a big comeback for Nokia is on the horizon.

Nokia and HMD aim on a good, positive change and working together the pair is focusing to once again become the center of attention and spotlight,  like they did in China over the flash sale of Nokia 6, a major success.

Evan Blass again made headlines by bringing out pretty useful piece of information very recently and confirmed that at MWC, Nokia and its owner are definitely going to make an appearance. The famed leaker further conveyed that three devices by Nokia having a launch and they are:

  • Nokia 5 (a tuned down smartphone Nokia 6) with 5.2” Display, 410 Snapdragon and 2GB RAM. This device retails at €199
  • Entry level Nokia 3 carrying €149
  • Nokia 6 (first appearance in other than Chinese region)

3310 Time For Nokia 3310 Rebirth? Nokia All Set To Launch 4 Devices At MWC; One Being Refreshed Nokia 3310

Now come to the fourth device about which, the American blogger claims it’s going to be Nokia 3310, Refreshed Nokia 3310 in fact; the same everlasting and imperishable liked-by-all phone, launched some two decades back. If Blass is right, it is likely that the rebirth of Nokia 3310 will attract the consumers and it would receive a warm welcome.

Nokia is Launching Global Variant Nokia 6

Hoped to serve the users’ secondary smartphone needs, 3310 is reported to retail with a price tag of €59.