Social media giant Facebook initially launched two of its opinion feature the like button and comment box. Facebook is handling around billion users. This is a large number pf users with different races, countries, social and educational background, a large ethnocentric group. Which demand different opinion features. In last couple years, Facebook launched five different emojis including like, anger, wow, sad and love button. But all these do not show that the disliking and disagreement option. On the high demand of the users, Facebook has launched its new feature of dislike or thumbs down button.

Facebook has long ignored the dislike button request because dislike is a controversial feature it may lead to cyber bullying. Facebook latest iteration is “Dislike button”, have been gotten popular as over 300 million reactions have been sent so far.

facebook messenger dislike button 1 Thumbs Down: Facebook is testing dislike button, a latest Facebook iteration

Facebook requests long before five emotions for dislike:

It’s been a longs story since Facebook users are requesting about the button for disagreement. Facebook has not taken the request officially launching but it testing the feasibility. But the other five emotions over 300 million reactions has been recorded. The dislike button has not been officially added they said that this button may add a negative impression which opposite to the aim of Facebook about connecting people. The company is looking forward to adding the button in new feeds and messenger expereince.

facebook dislike button Thumbs Down: Facebook is testing dislike button, a latest Facebook iteration

Facebook doing tests on messenger as it has the similar reaction to new feeds:

As messenger has almost same reactions like the post in new feeds so facebook decided first to check this on messenger. The reason behind this testing is comparatively less number of users and it may be considered as pilot testing. This may enable the customers to share disagreement opinions in groups. But the prime objective of Facebook is to connect people and generate a healthy discussion.

Snapchat market shares dropped out about $2.2 billion, the features are copied by other social media apps