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AMD News: Three RX Vega Graphic Cards will launch on June 5th – Official Specs revealed

RX Vega Graphic Cards

Finally a great news for AMD fans as it’s official and word is that RX Vega will launch on June 5th. Finally there’s something solid to look forward to. We know that AMD is going to go with three Vega GPU’s to compete with the three Nvidia high-end GPU’s.

As of now AMD has nothing above the RX 480 or the RX 580, nothing to compete with the GTX 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti. Now we have some solid GPU information to compete in those tiers.

First up is the RX Vega Nova, this one will cost $599, it’ll have 16 GB of HBM2, although rumored tells us that it’ll be 16 GB but it may be 8 GB of HBM2. It’ll use water cooler, this will compete directly with the GTX 1080 Ti. If the performance of the GPU is true at the 12.8 TeraFlops, it will really give the GTX 1080 Ti some serious competition and at that price too.

Second one is RX Vega Eclipse, this one will cost $499, it’ll have 8 GB of HBM2. It’ll be air-cooled with traditional fan, it’ll compete directly with the GTX 1080.

Then on the last one we have is the RX Vega Core, it’ll cost $399. And this one is too air-cooled and it’ll be on the same Vega 10 GPU but it’ll have a specs cut down to compete directly with the GTX 1070.

Prices are great, AMD finally priced something that’s below the Nvidia. Their highest GPU pricing is $599 competing with the 1080 Ti. Enthusiasts will be excited for it if the performance matches or beats the GTX 1080 Ti. However, the Eclipse and the Core are priced to match the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070 and it’s a big disappointment from AMD here. The sweet spot for the RX Vega should have been the Nova at $599, the Eclipse at $449, and the Core at $349. So that way it doesn’t cannibalize the RX 580.

We’ll just have to see what AMD’s performance will be like to justify the same pricing as Nvidia, who knows maybe the performance might be so much better. It’ll force Nvidia to drop it’s GTX prices.


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