Apple’s upcoming device iPhone 8 is the one of the most interesting and perfect device. People are too much exciting about the device when device will release. but unfortunately as per report the device is two month delay and face a some issue.  According to the last report from the Korean, they face some major issue and also they provide the different kind of reason behind the issue.

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As per newly report by Nikkei Assian Review:

One of the reasons why Apple’s iPhone 8 could be delayed is Samsung. Specifically, Samsung is facing some issues with production of OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone 8.

According to this report the Apple planned to the OLED panels for the iPhone 8. Further more in may, the Samsung will help the production Of the OLED panels for the Apple but the procedure will delay as accoding to the schedule from May to June Or may be in July.

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Apple said: 

They have ordered 70-90 million high-quality OLED panels from Samsung for its iPhone 8 smartphone.

Now, recently report tell us why upcoming device is late Apple is facing many issue like, wireless charging module issue they faced because it make the device too much heat as well as printed circuit also caused many issue. Moreover high quality OLED panel also reason to delay the upcoming Apple’s device. The 3D NAND flash supply also cause some problems.

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Further more the report also tell us many problems are in memory chip suppliers like they used the advance flash memory 3D NAND this is too much smooth but they use this flash memory in a tight way that cause the major issue. Now Apple’s still trying to resolve the all issue and using the other supply chain sources supplier and other more innovative components to prepared the best apple upcoming smartphone.

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Last but not least, the analysts saying hopefully Apple’s soon resolve the problems of OLED and wireless charging. The upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone expected feature is like long battery life, Similar bezels as well as OLED display.

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