Pakistan is tough nation to live and  earn livelihood for everyone but it is  more hard for a person who is physically challenged.She is a developing country with high population and economically segregated society.But there  are some youngsters with enthusiasm and high potential of well being of other.  Hashim Naveed, Javeria Rasheed and Faizan Shabbir are three final year student at COMSAT developed a software application to help blind for travel from their position to desired destination.The solution for this hindrance is mobile phone application , customized cane and customized hand gloves.Finally they named the application as , Optasia

Untitled 1 Recovered 1 Three COMSAT Pakistani students has made life more human for visually challenged members of highly populous and competitive society

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There are some remarks about by  Optasia team.

“Our project is still in testing phase but we are fully committed to turn this [final year project] into a marketable product, to help and assist the less fortunate.”

Apparatus required for Optasia: phone with optasia application

2.customized cane

3.customized gloves

How optasia works and detect hurdles:

Smart phone is connected with cane at  top of the cane ,four sonars are connected for navigation.The optasia is turned on it automatically detects the GPS and detect the voice command of user. The digital camera of cell phone measures the distance and inform the user.If there ups and downs  application warns the blind person in two ways, number one through voice command ,number two by vibration.Index finger,thumb,pinkie and top of the glove vibrates for lower front, upper front ,left and right side obstacles respectively.In modern dynamics this application is life size help to visually challenged members of the to productive individuals.

In Google Chrome finally Smart Text selection is available.