Apple will not showcase wireless charging in its iPhone 8.

This year is expected to bring some very great ideas into market.

The particular focus is on iPhone 8 that is likely to feature some brand specs, which might not have been on the panel of previous flagships.

Screenshot 1 4 Apple to avoid the risk of wireless charging for iPhone 8   Note 7s fiasco has compelled the brand to rethink over the plans


Some reliable resources report that the smartphone will be showcasing a new design with a display that go in line with the phone’s face in width. In this, we will not be seeing home button, while the bezels might be reduced to such a minimum level that the display size is increased phenomenally.

Therefore, it is expected that the display might exceed that of iPhone 7, i.e. 4.7 inch. Besides, curved edges, fingerprint sensor within the display, 3D facial recognition scanner and stainless steel chassis along with glass panels, are some of the best features the phone will be proud of.

Likewise, the battery is said to have bigger than the iPhone 7 and was reportedly displaying wireless charging, when a new report turned the game.

It is reported that because of explosive nature of Galaxy Note 7’s battery (wireless in nature) Apple has reviewed its plans for showcasing a wireless innovation.

Screenshot 2 2 Apple to avoid the risk of wireless charging for iPhone 8   Note 7s fiasco has compelled the brand to rethink over the plans


Although, the implication does not stand on much reason, as the earlier has already shared the technological reasons for the Samsung’s fiasco, Apple is not ready to take any risks.

It is also reported that the brand is planning to work with two other companies to address the issue. However, apparently, the roll out is still to take place.

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Despite clarifications by Samsung that in the issue of explosive batteries, wireless charging did not have vital role to play, rather overheat and absence of appropriate fire extinguishers aggravated the issue, Apple is still lingering on the issue.


Since, no other details have so far been shared, it is unclear whether Apple is looking for any alternatives or not. However, it had earlier been rumoured that a company, Energous, is working under a project to develop batteries that will be charged from across the room for the upcoming flagship iPhone 8, it is apparently not a case.

On the other side, Apple participated in the Wireless Power Consortium last week that gave birth to further speculations about about the dominant issue.