Apple’s WWDC is getting closer more and more day by day, as only a week to go for Apple’s biggest annual World Wide Developers Conference in which the company is going to reveal the new version iOS 11.

maxresdefault 8 This Concept Video Of iOS 11 Could Replace iPads on Laptops

According to me, surprisingly for the first time in tech history, leaks and rumours about such a huge project is lack. So what we have to do is just wait for the expected ideas jumbling in our mind.

MacStories give a virtual shape to the wishful concept according to them, the concept is so attractively design that it made me loves Apple more. I challenge you that you’ll stop hating Apple after watching it, in short I suggest Apple that they should steal this amazing conceptual idea or that may have had done this, whatever just kidding.

As you can see in the video that the main feature of the concept is pick and drop idea, and the concept designer had designed attractive that its look genuinely a new feature in iOS 11, a unique idea by look.

In addition, the video also shows the pinned items bar on top in a new way, as you can pick any item like apps, games or any other system file, simply drag them up as the bar appear drop it there to pin.

ios11conceptshelf 800x533 This Concept Video Of iOS 11 Could Replace iPads on Laptops

As we know that this concept is for iPad, I should say the concept has the ability to take iPad up to replace notebooks.

That’s all from my side, don’t forget to post your view in about the concept in the comment section provided below, we will appreciate and make sure to response soon.

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