It certainly feels nostalgic remembering old things but for the tech enthusiasts, this is not less than a surprise that Microsoft had been working on an XBox SmartWatch! You might remember the start of the fitness watches era in 2014 by Microsoft which started with the Microsoft Band. Well, we have got some exciting photos of the watch which suggest that the tech giants once had plans to roll out a different type of wearable that carried the Xbox brand.

Microsoft Xbox Smartwatch 1 We just missed a smartwatch from Microsoft XBox   Some old photos found

XBox Smartwatch

The credit for finding this unknown treasure goes to SuomiMobiili which has found the possible images of the front panel of the device. We can only expect to miss a band or some other ignorable features but what we have in front of us, is the main part of XBox Smartwatch which looks absolutely similar to what the usual smartwatches available on the market at that time could have looked like.

An Overloaded Design

As we are talking about the smartwatch from 2014, so it’s normal to see the overloaded bezels on the sides of the watch with much lesser features inside. According to the reports, the company started working on this project in 2013 and it was planned to be rolled out in 2015. Adding to our amazement, the potential smartwatch by Microsoft was planned to have worked in tandem with Microsoft Surface-branded tablets and the charging mechanism would have depended on a magnetic connector similar to that of the Surface Pro.

Notable Features

As the watch was a venture of the past so don’t expect much from it. The watch was focused on giving small features to the users like a heart-rate monitor attached to the rear of the device which would have focused on health functionalities like the Microsoft Band.

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God knows the exact reasons as to why the project got canceled but it can be the company’s downfall of that time that was due to the downfall of Lumia brand.