Version 1.0.12 of Telegram for desktop users is available, you can do setting from the theme editor access through the setting of the window theme. Moreover for the more better theme management you can add a emoji, you can choose a waveform for the audio from a chosen moments.

%name Theme Editor Available On Telegram For Desktop
Image source: Theme edit setting

Very soon in the month the theme is released and as the theme is advance still it has some innovation left with will be come soon as well. Android come up with theme should be available to download from the google play store not so far away.

You can manage your theme for desktop client has two ways. You can apply the practice that is in Telegram on desktop since version 1.0.0 which was announced to release last month;this procedure simply use apply method to change it like others already use it. The main priority of today releasing theme is to come up with some new features.

telegram 1 0 13 theme klein Theme Editor Available On Telegram For Desktop
Image source : Theme setting

The second main and interesting option is that you can edit your own theme according to you simply put colours to change it for your desktop. People like it very much for that innovation in theme for make it more interesting.

Beta created of Telegram that is distributed in the past few weeks displayed that the Telegram team was working on some kind of payment system.

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