So all the hype regarding The Witcher 3’s upcoming upgrade for XBox One X is justified because of its anticipated results. Before moving towards the XBox One X, CD Projekt Red released an upgrade for PS4 Pro version of the game and next step is going to be the Xbox One X version. What we can tell you at the moment, is that the upgrade will enable 4K/30 and 60 frames per second mode.

witcher3 en wallpaper the witcher 3 wild hunt geralt with trophies 2560x1600 1449484679 The Witcher 3 is soon receiving an upgrade for XBox One X   4K/30 and 60 frames per second on its way

The Enhanced Resolution

Due to the added 4K support, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt gamers will be able to witness:

  • Enhanced shadows
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Texture filtering
  • Higher quality textures etc.

Performance Mode

Along with the other upgrades, the game will have a performance mode in Xbox One X to allow the gamers target 60 frames per second gameplay with dynamic resolution. The PS4 gamers shouldn’t get jealous because the said console will also be getting the next batch of the upgrade in October which will further improve the resolutions. The developing studio is hiding the exact date of the release of the upgrade behind the ‘coming soon’ label.

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