1 13 The Witcher 3 is Getting a Patch on Both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and its because of the Xbox One X reveal 

A couple of days ago, Digital Foundry made a video talking about Xbox One X and how this new console can actually benefit PS4 Pro owners as well. They were saying that due to the fact that Xbox One X is going to be revealed and released later on this year, developers will actually have more incentive to create better visuals for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X games.

And it looks like they were on something there because just recently CD Projekt actually confirmed that both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro will get a patch, which comes a little bit of a surprise because if we remember correctly shortly after PS4 Pro was revealed and then later on also released, there was quite a lot of titles that got PS4 Pro patch but Witcher 3 was not one of them. At the time developer said that:

“Since we want to fully focus on Cyberpunk 2077 and Gwent [standalone game], and converting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from a full HD game into a 4K one [on console] would be too much of a time and resource-consuming process, we decided not to release an edition of Wild Hunt supporting the new features of PlayStation Pro.”

So, that statement was released a couple of months ago, shortly after PS4 Pro release. It was pretty surprising when we saw that Xbox One X will get a patch for Witcher 3 and obviously that got people excited but couple of PS4 Pro owners were kind of upset to hear this news. And they even tweeted to Marcin Momot who is responsible for PR in CD Projekt and this guy actually asked him this: 

And then later they actually released an official statement saying that:

“I can confirm that we are working both on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro patches for The Witcher 3, No extra details at this moment. More info is coming.”

They just confirmed that they are making some changes to PS4 Pro version of the game as well so, there is going to be some sort of patch. Now, whether they will be increasing graphical fidelity or maybe just implement a checkerboard rendering that is still unknown. And also we don’t really know what sort of graphical enhancements this Xbox One X version of the game will get.

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