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The US president Donald Trump has an iPhone with the only app “Twitter”


According to the Business insider report, the US president Donald Trump has an iPhone with only one app Twitter. The president has limited use to the social media apps and keeps busy, so that’s why he didn’t tweet so many controversial stories.

In the 2016 Elections, the Donald Trump takes advantage of the campaign on twitter in such a way that no other one can’t. According to the report, at that time Donald has an Androidphone and no other than he had in his office, he tweeted from his android phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was used by the Trump, but due to the hacking risk and security issues the president moves to iPhone. In 2015 the Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t receive the security updates.

The iPhone has so many applications and of course safety tools for the data, but the trump have only with favorite app Twitter. Moreover, from the report, the Apple iPhone has regular security updates and updates for the apps in the App Store.


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