Good news for RaspAnd users as a RaspAnd Android-based OS for embedded devices is being rolled out. It is based on the Google’s Android 7.1.2 “Nougat” OS and it will be a good replacement to the old RaspAnd Nougat 7.1.2 Build 170519 release. This will upgrade the Kodi Media Center to version 17.3 and the update covers a serious glitch reported in the previous version known as “subtitle hack.”

Kodi TV The all new Android based RaspAnd OS has got some cool new mods

The new version is the RaspAnd Nougat 7.1.2 Build 170605 which has got many of the pre-installed apps to avoid the extra headache of downloading. These apps include:

  • Clash of Clans 9.24.9
  • Spotify TV 1.2.0
  • Rotation Control Pro 1.1.2
  • Gmail 7.4.23
  • Aptoide TV 3.2.1
  • Google Play Games 3.9.08

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, the new version also comes with the GAPPS package pre-installed to provide better access to Google’s services. The thing to be kept in mind here is that GAPPS comes with Google Play Services, but not Google Play Store.

The Best Part

The best part of the update is that you can write RaspAnd on a MicroSD card in Windows 10 with Win32 Disk Imager. If you are wondering what’s the purpose of using Win32 Disk Imager for writing RaspAnd to a MicroSD card, Arne Exton has a reply for you:

Well, until now you had to have some basic knowledge about Linux to be able to install RaspAnd 7.1.2. Now you don’t need any special knowledge at all (just some basic computer knowledge).

Price Plan

If you have already invested in buying the RaspAnd Nougat 7.1.2 Build 170519 last month, it will be a free upgrade for you. If you aim to purchase it for the first time, you’ll have to pay the $9 amount to get it from the developer’s website.

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