After the launch of the new Galaxy S8 smartphones, you must all be waiting for the launch of next Note smartphone. Well according to a Korea report, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a dual camera setup. Which should not come as a surprise, given that every flagship smartphone this year’s carriers a dual camera setup. Which also makes it inevitable for Samsung to not include it on its next Note smartphone.

dual cam The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Not 8 Reported To Come With A Dual Camera Setup

Aside from that the current Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones were also rumored to come with a set of dual cameras. But maybe Samsung couldn’t deal with the production cost that goes into doing that on two separate smartphones. Whatever the case may be, we should likely see Samsung implement it on its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

According to some rumors the dual camera setup on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Will come with a set of two different cameras, with different resolutions. Which will include a 12 MP sensor that will be responsible for taking wide angle shots. While the other camera will feature a telephoto lens. That will offer a resolution of 13 MP with 3X optical zoom. Something that we have already seen on the current Apple iPhone 7Plus.

Galaxy Note 8 Concept The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Not 8 Reported To Come With A Dual Camera Setup

You might be wondering why would Samsung also jump on the dual camera set bandwagon. Well according to recent statistics, dual camera set up smartphones are being sold the most. Same was the case with China where the best-selling smartphones includes the Mate 9, Mate 9 Pro, Vivo Xplay 6 and the iPhone 7Plus. All of which comes equipped with a dual camera setup.

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Aside from that Samsung is also reported to be provide Vivo with their own dual camera modules. Something the company did to recover from their Note 7 disaster. This means that Samsung does have the technology on hand. Where we should expect the next Note smartphone to feature dual camera setup.