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iOS 11 concept – Brace yourselves for some major upgradations in the upcoming Operating System

iOS 11

In the recent days, we have seen a hell lot of tech events including the Google’s I/O conference and Microsoft’s Build 2017. Now Apple is about to jump into the scene as Apple’s huge annual developer conference, WWDC is just a few weeks away. And you all know what is going to be the biggest news of this event. Yes! It’s the release of iOS 11. Unlike others, this iteration of Apple’s mobile OS somehow managed to get out of the leaks and rumors net and most of the news about it went uncovered.
Now before we proceed, have a look at this video below and then we’ll continue our discussion.

Can iPad Pro Replace a PC?

This is a very big question to which Apple is answering positively since quite a long time. But is that stage achievable when we feel no difference while using a PC and an iPad? For this question, Apple has come up with a pretty solid answer. The all new Drag and Drop functionality of the iOS 11 won’t let you judge the difference. As claimed by the Cupertino team, the drag and drop in iOS 11 is just perfect. So get yourselves ready for the smooth experience of using the iOS 11.

Other Key Features

Not only this, iOS 11 has got many other exciting features to be discussed. New email features like Snooze feels like a pretty good addition if you are aware of the fact that how things work in the current iOS version. There are possibilities that Apple adds some AI-powered features in its mail service to give a solid reply to Google’s addition of AI features in its Gmail iOS app.

A Lot More Needs To Be Done

To make the UX of the iPad Pro almost equivalent to that of a PC, Apple surely needs to do much more. Though the pinned items bar is a very good addition to the new iOS, a lot still needs to be seen and that is only possible with the release of iOS 11. Unfortunately, we are short of leaks regarding iOS 11 and that’s why not much is known in this regard.


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