Till now the next flagship device from Huawei that would replace the P10 was considered to be the P20. But based on already placed trademarks, it looks like the next flagship Huawei phone would be called P11 instead of P20. Aside from that, test pages on Huawei’s website also point out towards the P11.

Unlike last year, Huawei is expected to launch three models of its next flagship device the Huawei P11. That would include the regular Huawei P11, a larger Huawei P11 Plus and a high end Huawei P11 Pro model. All of which are expected to come equipped with a triple camera setup on the back. That would combine together to form a 40MP sensor. While at the front the phone is expected to come with a 24MP camera.

huawei p10 our first take ab 0023 1500x1000 The Upcoming Huawei Flagship Phone Might Be Known As P11

Among the three the Huawei P11 Pro would be the thinnest, offering thin bezels and might also feature a notch just like the iPhone X. In terms of resolution the Huawei P11 might feature a FHD+ display with 1080 x 2244 resolution. The Huawei P11 and P11 Pro on the other hand are expected to feature a QHD+ display, supporting a max resolution of 1440 x 2992. The fingerprint scanner on the phone is expected to be underneath the display. Which points towards the fact that Huawei might use an OLED panel to power the Huawei P11 Plus and P11 Pro.

For processing both the Huawei P11 and P11 Plus are expected to ship with the Kirin 970 processor with its Neural Processing Unit included. While for the Huawei P11 Pro, the company might use an improved Kirin 975 processor. Where all the three models will carry 6GB of RAM.

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huawei p10 mwc 2 The Upcoming Huawei Flagship Phone Might Be Known As P11

The upcoming Huawei flagship phone will be announced on Mobile World Congress next month. We would likely see it get launched after Samsung makes its big announcement for the Galaxy S9 phone.