Just like other Samsung flagship devices, the upcoming Galaxy S9 also seems to be catching quiet the attention. As rumors regarding the smartphone have been hitting left and right. Though it’s always good to take such leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. Still with so many of them pointing in the same direction does give us an idea on what to expect.

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The upcoming Galaxy S9 from Samsung is said to be an incremental upgrade over the Galaxy S8. That will offer a slimmer top and chin. Aside from that everything else would be the same, including the back as well. Though some rumors are pointing towards the re-positioning of the finger print scanner. A problem that a lot of the current Galaxy S8 owners face.

Samsung will also be launching two separate versions of the Galaxy S9. Which would also include the bigger Galaxy S9+. Where among the two only the Galaxy S9+ will come equipped with a dual camera setup. That would also offer features like Portrait Mode. While in terms of processing power the upcoming Galaxy S9 comes equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Which is likely to be seen on many other flagship devices as well next year. Aside from that an Exynos version of Galaxy S9 would also be offered that is also build on the same 10nm manufacturing process.

Samsung Galaxy S9 render 7 The Upcoming Galaxy S9 Might Make An Appearance On MWC 2018

Samsung is also said to be working on an in screen finger print scanner. That was also rumored to come on the current Galaxy S8 smartphone. Where due to the technology not being perfect Samsung wasn’t able to get it out. Same would be the case with the upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone. Though we might see a working version of it on the next Note or Galaxy smartphone from Samsung.

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What do you think about the upcoming Galaxy S9, is it shaping up to be a disappointment?