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The Upcoming AMD VEGA Is Said To Be A Power Hungry Platform

AMD Vega

The upcoming AMD RX VEGA platform might not be as power efficient as the current Polaris generation is. Where when it comes to AMD VEGA we barely known anything regarding the consumer oriented graphics cards from AMD. An AIB manufacturer might have revealed some interesting details about the upcoming AMD RX VEGA platform.

MSI’s marketing director had something interesting to share about the upcoming VEGA platform. According to him ”I’ve seen the specs of Vega RX. It needs a damn lot of power. We’re working on it’’. This also points towards the fact that AMD have already started working with its AIB partners on the upcoming VEGA platform. Though the details regarding the high power consumption are still a mix bag, as we don’t exactly know the number.

Currently we only have details regarding three cards based on AMD’s VEGA 10 platform. Where all three of them consume at least 300W of power. These includes the AMD Radeon Instinct M125 and the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition (air and liquid). Both of which requires a maximum 300W of power to perform. While the liquid cooled AMD Radeon Frontier Edition card consumes a higher 375W of power instead. Which is understandable as the card runs at a higher frequency compared to its air cooled model.

A higher TDP above 300W might not be a good way ahead for AMD’s upcoming VEGA platform. Because on the other end its competition is providing their top of the line GPU with a much lower TDP. Where currently the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti consumes a total of 250W of power.o

A higher TDP results in a higher temperatures. Aside from that AMD also said that their consumer oriented VEGA cards will be more powerful than their business oriented cards. So if the water cooled AMD Vega Frontier Edition has a maximum TDP of 375W. Then how much will the consumer oriented cards consume on load?


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