While most of us aren’t mentally prepared to be shifted to the world of compact 7nm process nodes, the University of Michigan has actually showcased a new technological milestone, creating a ‘computer’ that measures just 0.04 cubic millimetres.

The researchers have successfully established a temperature sensing ‘computer’ that measures just 0.04 cubic mimillimetresThis picture of the computer along with a single grain of rice shows how small it is.

%name University of Michigan develops a computer that is even smaller than a grain of rice!

The Previous Record

Previously, the record was held by IBM but the researchers from the University of Michigan have used switched capacitors instead of diodes. This helped them in increasing the electrical noise that is created from a device running on low amounts of power.

According to TweakTown:

The sensor that the University of Michigan created is capable of measuring changes in super-small regions, such as groups of cells in your body. Scientists have said for a while now that tumors are ever-so-slightly hotter than healthy tissue, but it has been hard to detect that… until now. This new device could be used in cancer treatments, opening the door to very exciting developments.

Also, do not under estimate the computational powers of this PC as it houses a full processor based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ design that doesn’t support permanent data storage. So if you turn of the computer, all the data is lost.

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