Nidec, the provider of around 75% of HDD spindle engines, redesigned its projections for HDD creation in CQ4 2016 and its projections for the primary quarter of 2017. The organization announced HDD spindle engine units were up 5% Quarter over Quarter (CQ4 2016 through CQ1 2017) and up around 6% Year over Year. The development of HDD spindle motors connects with the patterns in HDD units. NIdec thinks the decrease in HDD units from 2015 to 2016 is around 10%.

The recuperation in HDD units is driven by the development in high-limit nearline HDDs and also an adjustment of PC request. Nidec additionally raised its HDD projections for the second quarter of 2017, despite the fact that it supposes HDD units will dwindle 4% Y/Y in 2017.

HDD Challenges Intermag2012 The time ahead for HDDS, 20 TB hard disk drives


Seagate detailed their Q4 2016 quarterly outcomes. For Seagate, CQ4 2016 HDD unit shipments were up around 2.5% over the earlier quarter. For Western Digital their drive shipments were down 5.8% from Q3 2016 to Q4 2016. Toshiba HDD shipments were down around 1.1%. We anticipate a decrease of 7.2% of HDD shipments from 2016 to 2017.

General drive shipments in 2016 were down around 9.4% at 424 M units dispatched in 2016. This was somewhat superior to anything the 10% decay anticipated by Nidec. Elite Enterprise HDDs declined 11.3% in 2016 while Nearline HDDs expanded by 1.5%. Desktop HDDs declined by 18.6% while scratch pad HDDs declined by 19.9%. Marked (generally outer HDDs) declined by 7.9% while Consumer Electronics HDDs expanded by 20.8%, driven by diversion stockpiling and some set-beat box deals. The dissemination of each of these classifications of HDDs in the aggregate HDD shipments is demonstrated as follows.

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2015 HDD Market Share Breakdown The time ahead for HDDS, 20 TB hard disk drives


As appeared in the figure underneath, Western Digital dispatched 41% of the aggregate HDDs in 2016, Seagate transported 37% and Toshiba sent 22%. Toshiba shipment rates are up (taking piece of the pie from Seagate and Western Digital) significantly since 2015 when it was around 16% of the aggregate. Toshiba’s greatest development gave off an impression of being in HDDs for customer hardware and journal PCs.

The long term fate of HDDs likely rests with high limit HDDs, especially in server farms serving distributed storage applications. In reality taking a gander at the declining shipments in high performance HDDs and PC HDDs the best way for development would give off an impression of being a high a limit drive as could reasonably be expected. In its profit call Seagate said that it will deliver 14 and 16 TB HDDs throughout the following year and a half. The organization has demonstrated it might want to ship 20 TB HDDs by 2020. The ATSC areal thickness guide demonstrated that 100 TB 3.5-inch HDDs could be conceivable by around 2025.