HDR is one of the focus points in the world of the television and the cinema with the 4K resolution. The Sony is providing the resolution solution with 4K to the users more than the High dynamic range.

If we compare the 4K resolution with the HDR, the 4K technology is more powerful but the HDR enabled TV is available is more easily at the cheapest cost. The HDR has the 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution that is less than the 4K that is equal to the 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. There is not much difference in the Full HD display and the 4K resolution. The HDR technology cannot be explained easily, but the image quality is good.

download 10 The Sony is providing the resolution solution with 4K TV and list of HDR contents

The trend of HDR and the 4K TV is increasing, with the increase, the developers are working on the content because without the content there is nothing much for the users to watch.

According to the digital trends report, the Sony announced the work on the HDR contents in a TV show with the National Association of Broadcasters.  The Sony announced its plans for the cinema, TV, online videos and as well as plans for the live broadcasts of the users.

SONY HDR The Sony is providing the resolution solution with 4K TV and list of HDR contents
Sony with the mid-ranged budgets creates and works on the technology supported by the other devices. The Sony HDR technology equally supports the compact FS5 cinema camera and as well as the Z150 camcorder.

The HDR allows users to shoot the videos, providing the edit videos and the HDR content with different colors range to work more efficiently. Users can easily record the videos for the projects or any other activity with the time-saving and quickly.

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X-OCN the new video file format is also introduced by the Sony. The new format works for the solution of the gap between RAW and compressed formats of the supported files. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!