Our historic mobile set, Nokia 3310 is back with the new modern look.  Nokia MWC 2017 at February 26 surprised all of the viewers by launching Nokia 3310, albeit with some resemblance to the original. HMD Global, which has the rights to the Nokia brand – didn’t disappoint their fans the little by launching the new Nokia 3310 (2017). It has all features almost which you see nowadays in phones. The snake game 2017 in Nokia 3310 is the gift for users.

Snake The Snake Game 2017, Most Eye Catching Feature Of New Nokia 3310
image source: cdn.wccftech.

It will cost you only EUR 49 or roughly Rs. 3,500, the new Nokia 3310 (2017) will be expected to release in the second quarter of 2017 and you can find it in markets of India, Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. Nokia 3310 is not only the pleasant surprise to users but it also makes its developers happy. Brad Rodrigues, Interim President of Nokia Technologies,  said that the “return of the Nokia 3310 has us smiling too.”

What is the most famous thing about these Nokia historical mobiles, there simple but fun games? A person can play Nokia game for like forever. Remember that Snake game… guess what it is back.

Snake Game Much Improved

Snake game was the most iconic thing of the 3310 and other Nokia phones which was liked by every person. The most amazing thing is the snake is just a simple game but it provides lots of work and it worked. The Nokia 3310  has now refresh version of the legendary Snake game.

The new version of the Snake game in the Nokia 3310 (2017) is not all the same. Gameloft remanufactures the snake game. Colour, smoothly animated all is change now but it lacks the important retro charm from the original game.

A couple of days ago from the official release Mate 10 variants specifications leaked out
Nokia 3310 1 The Snake Game 2017, Most Eye Catching Feature Of New Nokia 3310
image source: .inquisitr

Some new segments are made in the game, timed levels of difficulty are increased but the basic is same the old snake version. There will be bombs, moving walls, various obstacles and a scissors ‘power-down’ that allows you to cut snake down. The new version has increased Speed nad length. You can get this game from the new version of facebook Messenger app.