Galaxy S8

If we are reported from many sites and social media samsung has a great reputation all around the world and one of the giant company working in a market still it has its own flagship in the market. Its new Galaxy S8 will be next star phone.

The rumour claimed that samsung would remove the home button and make it the touch sensor in it for making it advance technology phone but many of the social media reported that may not be a case.

Galaxy S8 Header The Galaxy S8s fingerprint sensor Is At Its Peak
Image source: Galaxy S8

As you see in the image given below, the S8’s fingerprint sensor is located to the left of the  camera.

Fingerprint sensor is not that advance technology introduce for the first time —Mobile manufacturers put it in their mobiles year or more than year ago — but the position of the sensor make it attractive and touchy.

similarly most of the mobile company put that Manu button to the top of the phone or put it on the side of the phone. As we seen before in LG G6 they put that menu button down from the back camera for better finger to reach there to the button so the S8 put it so higher then that.

Assuming the samsung the S8 give similar look like S7 or S7 edge this is making indeed the home button not reachable to the finger.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Review The Galaxy S8s fingerprint sensor Is At Its Peak
Image source: Galaxy S8

Not only that matter but it can be possible that you touch or press your camera lens instead of pressing your home button because its located just right there with the camera lens.

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May be m reported wrong my be its not really hard to reach there. Even though the samsung is going to miss the mobile conference this year, many pictures give us the look at Galaxy S8 from almost all dimensions.