A new GPU from Nvidia named GTX 1070 Ti was recently spotted on the internet. Well it looks like this new upcoming GPU from Nvidia will come packed with 2432 CUDA cores. That is now higher than it was rumored earlier.

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According to recent rumors the upcoming Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti will be based on the same GP104 GPU. But here a single streaming multiprocessor will be disabled. Which allows the GTX 1070 Ti to run on a total of 2432 CUDA cores. A number that is just 128 less compared to its bigger brother the Nvidia GTX 1080. Aside from that the upcoming GTX 1070 Ti is also reported to come with a base and boost clock of 1607 Mhz and 1683 MHz respectively. Both of which are higher than what the standard version of GTX 1070 offers.

Other specs on the rumors Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti includes 8GB of GDDR5 memory. That runs at an effective 8.0 GHz on a 256-bit memory interface. Giving a total of 256 GB/s of memory bandwidth. Though being based on GP104 the upcoming GTX 1070 Ti will have the same 180W TDP, similar to the GTX 1080. There is no specific date on when the Nvidai GTX 1070 Ti will get officially announced. But recent reports do point towards the month of November. Where upon launch the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti will cost around $460. That is 12.5 percent cheaper than the Nvidia GTX 1080.

2017 09 22 image 4 The Rumored Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti Will Come With 2432 CUDA Cores

With the recent launch of AMD Vega and its demand Nvidia seems to be taking a hit. Which makes sense, since Nvidia have never launched a ‘’Ti’’ version card for its mid-tier graphics card such as the GTX 1070. That being said with the launch of GTX 1070 Ti, Nvidia will finally have something to compete against the AMD Vega 56. That is currently faster than the GTX 1070 in almost every game out there.

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What do you think would be the better option amount the two, including the AMD RX Vega 56 and the upcoming Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti?