Every other day, we are noticing that the Destiny 2’s dev team is popping in some new add-ons in the game and the recently added Prometheus Lens weapon is one of the most discussed ones. The weapon is in the news because of the weird bugs it is causing in the gameplay.

Prometheus Lens

The weapon was witnessed in The Curse of Osiris which itself is a good episode, but this weapon is reportedly causing troubles to players while they try to blow up the enemies with its constant laser-beam.


David ‘Deej’ Dague, who is the community manager of Destiny 2, clarified that this bug will be addressed in the upcoming ‘This Week At Bungie’ blog. The problem with Prometheus Lens is that it consistently keeps damaging while generating a heat field around the user that continuously expands the longer the trigger is held down.

destiny 2 prometheus lens exotic pulse rifle Is the Prometheus Lens from the latest Destiny 2 add on causing trouble to you? You are not alone in this!

Like others, we all are waiting for Destiny 2’s dev team to post a clarification.

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