Till now we have only seen LG implement only two security features on its smartphones.  That also includes the recently launched LG G7, supporting both a finger print scanner and a face unlock feature. Where the face unlock features works through a selfie method, by using the front facing camera. Well it looks like LG might bring in a new way to unlock its phone with the upcoming LG G7 next year.

LG G7 iris scanner The Next LG Flagship Phone Might Come Equipped With An Iris Scanner

According to a patent submitted by LG it looks like the company might be looking in iris scanning technology for next year. Something that we have only seen Samsung do till now including the current Galaxy S lineup as well as the Galaxy Note 8. Though the iris scanning technology that LG is going for will be more advanced. That would work in different lighting conditions. Aside from that LG might also throw in some extra features like tracing a series of dots to unlock your phone. Last year LG also showcased a new type of All-in-one module as well. That would work as a front facing camera as well as an iris scanner. Though we haven’t seen LG implement it in any of its phones yet.

The way iris scanning works is by illuminating the eyes of the user through infrared light. Which is necessary to take detailed pictures of an iris. While the infrared light also helps show the intricate features of an iris. Samsung did the same thing with its Galaxy Note 7. Which included two front facing camera modules, one for taking pictures and one dedicated for iris scanning.

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lg g7 iris scanner and camera The Next LG Flagship Phone Might Come Equipped With An Iris Scanner

For now we don’t know what type of method LG is going to be using on its next flagship device. But we are pretty sure it’s going to be an all in one solution, rather than going for dedicated camera modules.