A video was just leaked showing what it seems to be the next iPhone SE. The design of the phone resembles an iPhone SE that has been crossed with the iPhone X, as the phone also features a notch and a bezel-less design.

As far as the design of the phone goes it does seem legit. The phone comes with its original boxy type design that the iPhone SE carried with no bezels at the sides and a notch on top. Looking at the back, the phone comes with a dual camera setup. Aside from that the phone also seems to be running on the gesture based UI that Apple introduced with the launch of iPhone X.

Alleged iPhone SE2 with a notch appears in hands on video The Next iPhone SE From Apple Might Also Feature A Notch

Everything shown in the video does point towards a legit iPhone SE2 model. Something you do not see on a Chinese knock off phone. Though when looking closely the leaked phone does miss out on some details. Which does let us to believe that it might be an Android device running on a custom OS. That is made to look like the gesture based UI of the Apple iPhone X. Whatever the case maybe, concept images of the iPhone SE2 have also been roaming around the internet. That do match with the phone shown in the leaked video.

Whether Apple is working on the next iPhone SE or not. There have been rumors regarding one for quite some time now. Apple is also expected to launch three iPhone devices this year. Which might also include a smaller variant to replace to the current iPhone SE model.

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bgr iphone se2 sketch 1 The Next iPhone SE From Apple Might Also Feature A Notch

The other two models will include a 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus and an LCD equipped iPhone X variant. That along with cutting cost will also feature a smaller 6.1 inch panel. While an updated version of the current iPhone X is also expected to be seen this year.