The new Volvo XC60 one of the special car. Volvo is going to grab the car market with its new features, because SUV is offering a fully advance automated car which drives itself along with driver and play many roles of driver which may reduce the accidents. This model is introduced at the GEVEVA motor show and introduced its some very important features like automated steering, automated break system and even the software when car know that there is need to control the system when it is necessary it take control.

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Image source: Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 features

The SUV also alert you when you are drifting the car out of lane. If the automated sensor of the car feels that the driver is going to collide with another car then car automatically drive itself to the safe place out of danger. The car system operate the car at highway speed of 60-140 km/h. So the car ensure the safety for you. That sounds pretty good. The features don’t end here. There are a lot of other features.

The Volvo also has a blind spot warning system. That system alerts you when there is a car or other thing at your blind sport. But this technology has introduced before in the market. somethings special and what it is ? its the system when the car system knows that there is a chance of collision with other car so that system drive the car at a safe zone out of danger. So if you ever think to buy Volvo XC60 in future then all you have to do is sit relax because this will take control on your driving that reduced the chances of collision and will keep you safe.

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Volvo XC60 The New Volvo XC60 SUV Keep you Safe
Image source: Volvo XC60

The overall design is good but the thing is about total control of driving; They better buy this car because other automated car in the market that just aware you of dangerous situation but this car also drives you towards the safe zone.