AMD Radeon Pro Duo Polaris 10 Graphics Card 840x306 AMD Launched The New Radeon Pro Duo Graphics Card With 32GB of RAM Memory

You might recall an awful lot of rumors concerning Duo Polaris 10 Graphics cards. But we never actually saw any card merge in the light of day but it would appear that the card is actually going to be utilizing this architecture and it is none other than the Radeon Pro Duo. Just so you know this is a professional focus card, in other words it’s for video editing.

AMD Workstation Card Specification Comparison
AMD Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris) Radeon Pro WX 7100 AMD Radeon Pro Duo (Fiji) AMD Radeon R9 295X2
Stream Processors 2 x 2304 2304 2 x 4096 2 x 2816
Texture Units 2 x 128 128 2 x 256 2 x 176
ROPs 2 x 32 32 2 x 64 2 x 64
Boost Clock 1243MHz 1243MHz 1000MHz 1018MHz
Memory Clock 7Gbps GDDR5? 7Gbps GDDR5 1Gbps HBM 5Gbps GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 2 x 256-bit 256-bit 2 x 4096-bit 2 x 512-bit
VRAM 2 x 16GB 8GB 2 x 4GB 2 x 4GB
Typical Board Power 250W 130W 350W 500W
GPU Polaris 10 Polaris 10 Fiji Hawaii
Architecture Polaris Polaris GCN 1.2 GCN 1.1
Manufacturing Process GloFo 14nm GloFo 14nm TSMC 28nm TSMC 28nm
Launch Date 05/2017 10/2016 04/2016 04/21/2014
Launch Price $999 $649 $1499 $1499


However the specifications of the GPU is very impressive. It is essentially two RX 580’s or 480’s, pretty much tie together but with a slightly lower core clock of just ​1243 MHz but memory has seen a significance increase and now has ​32 GB GDDR5 that is (16GB per GPU). And what be the performance? well the peak performance is ​11.45 TFLOPS which is just kind of crazy.

4 40 AMD Launched The New Radeon Pro Duo Graphics Card With 32GB of RAM Memory

The card won’t see an introduction into the marketplace until the end of May and is expected to cost around a $1000 US. So this type of performance will be for color correction using black magic 3D video stitching. Especially for like 360 videos stitching, Virtual reality, 8k offering if you perhaps want to use a lot of Adobe Premiere CC 8k offering which is becoming more common now especially with the next generation or video camera’s in films or movies. In other words, it’s for high-end work but it’s quite interesting from the gamers point of view for a couple of reasons.

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What is going on with the Dual cards? So, there were some rumors just in case you are not too familiar with them but, essentially we are going to be seeing a 580 duo.

radeonproduo02 970x546 c AMD Launched The New Radeon Pro Duo Graphics Card With 32GB of RAM Memory

The second thing is that AMD once again really focusing on the professional market. AMD for some time also has been pushing the GI series but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the company is trying to expand their product offerings to the next generation because previously they were all utilizing Fiji which obviously had a series of problems. Particularly on the memory side of things so, essentially AMD are basically updating it’s entire product line.

There is a definitely a lag disconnect between professional market and also their high-end desktop for gaming. Natural configuration of this graphics card is quite interesting because you do actually have the ability to essentially offer a GPU per desk. This thing offers a ludicrous amount of TFLOPS let’s say Titan, very similar TDP at 250 watts but considerable amount of RAM which is their way forward when you are creating high-end graphic card.