The difference in SSD and an ordinary hard drive is very much discussed. The major difference which has long been discussed is price and the speed factor. It is a general conception that the ultimate outcome of SSD is an empty wallet; may be right! but here you can know why your PC really needs an SSD instead of an ordinary hard drive.

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The first concept about the difference in speed of SSD and HDD (the usual hard drive) is right. The SSD is much faster than the HDD and gives you a relatively better experience than the HDD. The question is, whether the speed of SDD really worth that much amount? Apart from the answer of that question, I will introduce you to something that really worth your money. The new version of PCIe SSD is the new breed of SSDs which is a bit different than the old SSDs.

3 18 300x197 The New PCIe SSD Design Can Make Your Operations Smoother And Faster


The SSD uses an internal flash chip to store the data you store in it. Contrary to the HDD design, which uses physical space and a spinning disk to keep everything running and stored. The benefit of SSD is the compact size of the disk, less power consumption and better compatibility with the system. The PCIe SSD on the better end gives you a bit more powerful experience. The drive has the capability of transferring data with a speed of over 15.75 GB/s which is completely insane. This new design of SSD works with the transfer rate described around 1.5 GB/s to 3.0 GB/s.

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If we compare this speed of SSD with the older counterparts, they have the speed of around 550 MBps on average. The price of new PCIe SSD is quite high and can be expensive than SATA SDDs. The PCIe SSD of 500GB manufactured by Samsung comes with a price tag of 330 USD which is about double to SATA SSD of the same size.