When it comes to laptops, personally I would go for a slim laptop over a bulky one any day. How about a laptop that is not only slim but is also equipped with the latest and greatest hardware. Well Asus is trying to achieve the same with their upcoming Asus ZenBook laptop.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to slim laptops mainly one of the famous being the Dell XPS. What’s special about the Dell XPS is its bezel-less display also known as infinity display. If the rumors are to be true then Asus is trying to do the same thing, with their ZenBook laptop. Aside the bezel-less display the rumors are also pointing towards a 4k display as well. Though we are not sure if the company will be launching the new Asus ZenBook with a 1080P displayas well.

According to rumors, the upcoming Asus ZenBook would be a Pro model, and like all the other Pro models before it. We are expecting a 15-inch display, while the entire body would be made out of aluminum. The laptop is said to be equipped with a dual core processor instead of a quad core processor. Which is a disappointment to see in a 15-inch, slim laptop in the year 2017, as companies like Apple have already achieved it, then why not Asus ?

An image of the upcoming Asus Zenbook Pro was also leaked on the internet, showing a big trackpad, compared to older generations. Aside from that users would be able to configure their new ZenBook Pro with up to 512GB of PCIE SSD storage and hopefully a GTX 10 series card as well.

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asus zenbook pro ux550 616x533 300x260 Asus rumored to be working on a slim and powerful Zenbook Pro

What do you think about the companies approach towards bezel-less display? Would you be interested in something like that.