In October we saw Google launch its first Pixelbook. Which is basically a Chrombook from Google that offers a premium design. Though till now Google had only two options available for purchase, including a base and a mid ranged model. Well now Google is ready to sale its top of the line Pixelbook. Which comes equipped with the Intel Core i7 process, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD storage on board.

google pixelbook The Most Powerful Pixelbook From Google Now Available For Sale

Being in the Pixel lineup the new Pixelbook from Google doesn’t come cheap. Where the base model starts from $999. But it doesn’t even come close to what the top of the line model costs. Because the above mentioned variant from Google is currently being sold for a staggering $1649. That puts it near some of the high end ultrabooks out there in the market, including Microsoft Surface Book 2, Apple Mac Book Pro and many more.

The premium sure is high for the new high-end Pixelbook model. But with that users will also be getting an upgraded processor from Core i5 to Core i7. The RAM is upgraded to 16 GB compared to 8 GB on the base model. Aside from that the new high-end Pixelbook also uses high speed NVMe storage at 512 GB. Which should make sure everything runs smooth and snappy.

Even though the new PixelBook offers the best that Google have to offer. Still being a Chromebook it shouldn’t charge such a high premium. Because users can get something better for less, like a Windows based laptop. That can do much more at a fraction of the price.

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googlepixelbook 03 The Most Powerful Pixelbook From Google Now Available For Sale

Users who are interested can also avail a couple of deals on the new Google Pixelbook. Where Google is discounting all of its three Pixelbook models by a $100. Which now also includes a free Google Home device upon purchase. But the offer is only there for a limited time till 31st December.

What do you think about the new Google Pixelbook?