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The meditation app “Simple Habit” raised up $2.5 million funds for the improving the features for the Android and iOS

meditation app “Simple Habit”

Smartphone with the facilitating the users has also some worse effects on your daily life that causes the increase in the stress level. The receiving of the calendar notifications and the emails or the work on the Smartphone sometimes disturb you, But thanks to the meditation apps and mindfulness apps that reduces your stress level.

According to the report, many people switch to the mediation apps for a time in a day to fort relaxation. A meditation app “Simple Habit” is introduced for the Android and iOS with the latest version of 3.0. Almost $2.5 million are spending on the app for more improvements for the users.

Simple Habit is designed for the busy people with the five minute lesson along with the more or less 1,000 meditations guides are available for the users. Mindfulness teachers from all over the world are facilitating the users through this meditation app.

The Simple Habit app is categorized with different situations of an individual’s such as users working in an office, speaking in the crowded places or going outside. The number of exercises the users can implement by using the guides on a specific situation.

Moreover, the users can enjoy the 50 exercising guides for free of cost. The users can get access to the 1,000 lessons with the subscriptions for the paying the premium to unlock the lessons. The Simple Habit meditation app users have to pay premium for $9.99 a month, get the service for $69.99 a year and by paying the $299.99 users can get the access for the life time.

According to the source, the Simple Habit is not the oldest player in the meditation apps, however the app have 400,000 potential users within the past 8 months. The app developing teams are working on the Simple Habit so that improvements and innovations should facilitate the more users, we are not sure about the how many subscriptions the app has. The raise of the funds for improvement shows the app is likely be expanded by the company.


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