If you are wondering how an AMD Vega graphics card looks like, the company has released a picture to quench your tech thirst.

AMD Vega Die Shot 1000x998 Want to see how a Vega GPU looks like? Heres the latest image for you
If you look closely at the image provided by the company, it seems like it is divided into 8 clusters. Each of these clusters further holds 8 next-gen Compute Units. The die shot also shows that each NCU in the Graphics Processing Unit is equipped with 64 Stream Processors, which in total gives us 4096 FP32 cores.

What’s New in The Series?

If you are figuring out the differences between this generation and the previous one, the only new thing is that the NCU also has the 16-bit processing capability with doubled throughput. Convincing enough for you?

Memory Codename

One major difference that is being felt in this generation is actually the memory codename, which in this case, is GPA022GA2656. If you are following the SK Hynix nomenclature, you’ll know that this is not from SK Hynix. Maybe, this time the company has approached Samsung for the memory production.

If you want to compare it with the Fiji die, here’s a picture of that too!

AMD Fiji GPU Die Shot Want to see how a Vega GPU looks like? Heres the latest image for you

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