Part of a particular code the Federal Investigation Agency required and used to gain access to a particular iPhone has now been made public; released by a hacker on online code repository Pastebin. It is believed that the iOS Crack used by FBI to enter into and scan a San Bernardino shooter‘s iPhone was stolen last month.

It looks that the source code for a ‘Universal Forensic Extraction Device’ (UFED) was somehow or the other, stolen though Cellebrite management never admitted it. “Only the application’s distribution package may have been included in the file dump,” claimed Cellebrite.

Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were the two perpetrators involved in the infamous Inland Regional Center terrorist attack in San Bernardino (California). The attack taking place on Dec. 2, 2015 claimed at least 14 lives while another 22 had ended up with injuries; while both the attackers also died, in a shootout.

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In early 2016, the FBI approached Apple for help to gain access/entrance into (one of the phones the shooters possessed), but the company refused. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO reasoned that it’s terribly risky to create and use a software for breaking into either iPhones or likewise phone system(s).

While talking anonymously to ‘Motherboard’ online publication, the hacker revealed that it was Cellebrite, the well-known Israeli firm he gained access to the code. That’s the same Israeli firm the FBI had approached to help crack an iPhone 5c.

The anonymous hacker said he had reasons behind hacking (into Cellubite) and posting the code online at Pastebin, considering it ‘important to demonstrate’ that any tools created; will have to make out some how some time.

Tim Cook states that the iPhone 7 Plus is their most popular plus model they have ever launched

It is strongly believed that apparently the code hacked last month is capable of cracking both the older iPhones and Blackberry; the same can affect Android Systems as well. Following the news of above noted hacking of iOS Crack at Cellebrite, all the account holders at my.Cellebrite were required to change their respective passwords.