Many of Instagram users complained that their Instagram app and the website are not working well and have some issues with loading. The users of all over the world have faced the similar problem. The many of users complained to the Instagram official websites, but they receive any response about the problem or the solution of the problem.
According to the report, the service was outrage from the 10:35 am to the 11:04am Pacific in the US and during this time the Instagram tweet that the problem is acknowledged by the management and they are trying to overcome the problem.
instagram is down The Instagram app services go down today for about one hour all over the world

We know some Instagrammers are experiencing issues with the app. We’re working on a fix!

— Instagram (@instagram) April 24, 2017

After about an hour the company solves the issues and users get online status. The users face the problems of sharing the photos on the Instagram and some of the users face the problems in accessing the login account. According to the reports, someone said that from the many days some of the users were facing the problems in logging into their Instagram accounts.

image1 The Instagram app services go down today for about one hour all over the world

Instagram have more or less the 600 million users worldwide where 20% users are in The Us and the rest of the 80 % are from the other parts of the globe. The Instagram problems and delaying in the snapshot like for visual communication all over there the world is the indicator of growth down.

Well, the good news is Instagram confirms about the problem has been sorted out and now users can use the account from the mobile app and as well as from the website. So again, you can share the photos and videos to your friends and followers. You can share if anyone of you faced the problem in Instagram, with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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