2 21 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II will be offering Native 4k and other PS4 Pro Enhancements

PlayStationBlog is reporting that PS4 Pro will be getting another Native 4k game soon. They are reporting on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, that is an action RPG game and according to them this game on PS4 Pro will offer three different modes.

  1. First mode is going to be a performance mode and that means that the game will run at stable 60 FPS whereas, on regular PS4 the game runs at 30 FPS.

  2. Another mode is going to be better quality mode and this mode will offers you the 30 FPS experience but in Native 4k. Which is another game that will deliver Native 4k on PS4 Pro.

  3. The third mode is the balanced mode, it offers increasing overall picture quality by more than double. So, that’s almost going to be like 1440p but actually it’s going to be 2880 x 1620 or 1620p, though still higher than 1080p. You get basically a higher resolution and also a better performance. Even though it’s not 60 FPS because in order to achieve that you would have to choose the performance mode where the game runs at 60 FPS in 1080p. In this particular case PlayStationBlog report’s that it’s going to be around 50 FPS at around 65% of the game. The framerate may vary, it may drop once for a while but at around 65% of the game, the game will run at roughly around 60 FPS.


4 6 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II will be offering Native 4k and other PS4 Pro Enhancements

It’s interesting because you have to choose between these gaming modes. This game may not be the most demanding game but if you look at the pictures and gameplay, it gives Diablo kind of vibes.

RiME to be released in Nitendo Switch, Tequila Works working hard to make RiME rhyme with the switch.

It’s impressive for Van Helsing to heavily option to run at Native 4k over time even in 30 FPS. It’s just goes to show that developers getting used to the PS4 Pro API, maybe they are using the extra tricks and hardware resources of PS4 Pro.


  1. great to see more native 4k support on the powerful pro. There’s many games that can run in native 4k / 30 or 60 fps & the 1080p 60 which is fantastic. I wish more devs would use the powerful hardware properly as I am sure like myself, many of you pro gamers must be getting pissed of with the poor patches released by many soft co’s with a rushed pro patch – whats the point!!??
    Tis makes the powerful hardware look bad and hence the bad press some people are giving the pro, which is sad as it had the potential to do many of the last g en games in native 4k / 60 or 30 fps easily.
    let me know what you think but its gr8 news to hear the devs of van helsing offering pro users a good upgrade regards to all – BOB XD