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The images of the upcoming version of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leaked, images have lack of information about the non explosive batteries


The Samsung is going to not only release, but branded the Galaxy Note 7. The new versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from the fan edition Galaxy Note 7R or the Galaxy Note FE, the non explosive versions are going to launch not only in South Korea, launching it globally.

According to the report, Galaxy Note 7 latest version is leaked, the smartphone is looking like the old version, but claiming the un-explosion of the battery. The investigation revealedthat the battery explosion was due to the irregular size of the battery fitted in the versions, the battery cell’s upper right corner to be crimped and caused the explosion.

On the closer inspection of the leaked images of the Note 7, there are an “R” printed on the front right corner of the smartphone. According to the report, the sign “R” shows the refurbished of the old version. However, some of sources confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is selling in the china smartphone markets, even we don’t have any confirmation about the official announcement of the selling the 7R smartphones.

The users of the Galaxy expecting the safer 7R smartphone. The leaked images of the latest version of the Note 7 showing the design and the sign of the R. The leaked images have lack of information about the battery, the information about the battery will be more authenticated for a user to buy it as a safer smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R have to the less battery storage capacity as a precaution against the battery explosions. It is expected that the latest version will possess either 3,200 mAh battery or 3000 mAh storage capacity.

Galaxy Note 7R is expected to hit the shelves before the release of the Galaxy Note 8. The company officials didn’t confirm about any rumors on which market the Note 7 version will be available for the sale.


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