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The iCloud Hacker Rests Behind The Bars, Yet Leaked Explicit Images Of Emily Ratajkowski Surfaced On-line. So Who’s Behind?


Over the last 18 months or so the iCloud accounts of numerous celebrities are under constant hacking attacks. Hackers seem to have no difficulty whatsoever to access these accounts and leaking the nude content(s) stored therein; at the platforms and websites, offering them the ‘right price’ for the stuff. Recently leaked Leaked Explicit Images Of Emily Ratajkowski yet again prove; the hackers are “still at work.”

She may be a Supermodel and she may not be shy of posing for cameras wearing a bikini or even going topless every now and then yet the 25-year-old American actress-model must have found it very disturbing; to see her naked and very private images going viral, without her ‘consent.’

With Ryan Collins in police custody since long, the ‘alleged’ culprit and ‘mastermind’ behind the iCloud hacking plan, who is after Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski anyway and just how did he manage to access the model’s account? Isn’t it a clear indication that ‘no one is safe’ at the hands of these hackers anymore?

There were some 200 or more leaked explicit images of Emily Ratajkowski, first surfacing on wire in February this year and later on; making their way to numbers of websites, well known for spreading nude stuff already.

Posting Emily’s private albums on image boarding web sites was in fact yet another episode of Fappenning, a name given to the dirty activity by 4Chan site users. This was the site that first started it all; by victimizing a large number of Hollywood stars and female celebrities; and posting their leaked private explicit videos and images.

Whether Emily or any other celebrity, it is highly advisable that in the first place; they should all avoid to store their respective ‘private and intimate’ stuff either on the hard disks of their PCs or in iCloud. And if they can’t do that; they should better STOP WORRYING….


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