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Rivalry among AMD and Intel; The flawless Ryzen is giving Intel a tough competition


The reviews I saw on YouTube are saying that Ryzen 7 is bad for gaming and I don’t believe these guys, they have big channels and what I think is that they are very happy with what Intel has offered them. Their reviews are totally biased.

AMD in 2001 filed a lawsuit against Intel, which they won 1.4 billion dollars and it was a very nice amount of money that AMD was in desperate need of and then they got that money because they won the lawsuit against Intel. And the lawsuit stated “Intel is doing nasty shit in business“. Like a part of what they do is they do not let AMD processors get to the public. Using retailers saying that they are out of stock so people could not get their hands on AMD processors.

All these bad stories are just made to let us believe that AMD is shit but, what AMD has done with the least resources that they have made a processor that is on par with an Intel’s $1000 processor at half the price and there’s no doubt about that.1 of 2  

So, of any of you who is believing that AMD Ryzen 7 is bad for gaming should pay attention to the above two images which were uploaded on “Tom’sHardware” in which Intel i7 7700k is giving 106.3 FPS and Ryzen 1800X reaches 91.7 FPS on Hitman (2016). And on Metro: Last Light Redux the 1800X gives 91.0 FPS on the other hand the i7 7700k reachs 93.8 FPS. So that’s it, there’s no much difference here.

But there are multitasking things that Ryzen can do which Intel i7 7700k cannot do. As for as gaming is concerned with people giving these so called Benchmarks. Now when one look at those reviews they would think maybe this is a peace of shit processor that is not good. For those who don’t have 7700k and for those who want more than what 7700k can do. 7700k doesn’t even come anywhere close to multitasking multi-thread operations when it is compared to Ryzen 7. Ryzen 7 directly compares to more high expensive $1000 processor from Intel which is 6900k or it’s 6 core predecessors and so on. So what we get here is a very cheap processor that is offering the gaming capabilities of 7700k.

Remember Intel goal is nothing but to discourage Ryzen and made it look like that it is bad for gaming to demoralize gamers from buying the Ryzen 7 because like NVIDIA, Intel too is in nasty business.


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