Recently, new and updated android applications and games have become popular and due to their features and updated versions. One of the recent hits of this week is FaceApp. The application is available on android and its functions include taking a selfie or uploading a photo.Furthermore, one can edit the picture by putting a fake smile of some one else and adjust the cheeks and wrinkles according to the mood and desire through its editing functions. In addition, the photo then can be uploaded on cloud as well. This app is a must try for everyone.


In addtion, Batman: Arkham Underworld has also remain one of the top hits of the week. The game has given a new dimension to the gaming sense. Rather then being a hero, this game invites its user to become in charge of the opposition to take over the Gotham City. The gamer can play role of the villain in this game. another hit in the recent week was the Pokemon Go with added features. The updated version provides the individual with 80+new second generation Pokemon. The application was used over the globe my millions on its launch and now with its added features, the game brings a new taste for its users.

4 10 The Five New Apps and Games with Astounding Appeal
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One more hit of the last week is EasilyDo’s Email app, an application that may change the conventional email version being used. The application has just been launched on android and has made a remarkable start. It gives a totally new dimension to the inbox and gives Gmail, Hotmail, Office and Outlook 365 and others a new and advanced look.

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5 9 The Five New Apps and Games with Astounding Appeal
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Last but not the least, unWorded is another puzzle game that let its user solve the puzzle into solution. It seems to be a mind game where one have to look into the puzzle to solve it. The symbols in the game lead to a solution that the user has to find which makes it more interesting to play.