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Take a first look at the all-new Samsung Galaxy Fold

This year smartphone manufacturers have been tickling the smartphone community with more and more imaginative designs. The race for the most creative feature coupled with an innovative makeup is on. Smartphone manufacturers have been trying to best each other pushing the limits of what we define as a smartphone and the things it can do. Foldable smartphones are this year’s most wanted toy. The hype was right, anticipation was high, but somehow there were hicks and hitches all along the way. The Galaxy Fold met with many problems. 

At its inception, the Galaxy Fold had a lot of shine and promise, but its shortcomings showed up during the testing stage. In the end, the numerous defects and bugs sent the Galaxy Fold back to the workshop so developers could revisit the drawing board. This caused the launch date to move forward so that time and resources could be invested in perfecting an excellent device. The result of their actions would yet have to be tested to see how effective the modifications were at making the device whole.

Changes made in the Galaxy Fold

Today, we’ll take some time to examine the updates and changes that have been made under the hood. These changes may not be visible immediately, but they will affect the user experience when operating the device. 

One such change is the length of the upper layer. During the review stage, many users ignorantly removed the upper layer mistaking it for a screen cover or protector, ultimately causing structural issues in the phone. Now, this layer has been expanded to reach the edges and avoid the previous misunderstanding. 

Also, the display has acquired a new metallic layer. This will allow the Fold to gain a robust feel while diminishing that unpleasant crease in the screen.

The metallic addition also creates a confident click when the device is folded and provides it with a smooth feel. The new design has also been trimmed to reduce the space within the Fold, reducing the amount of dust that accumulates in the areas. All these would improve the look, feel, and experience when using this new device. 

Also, the new Galaxy Fold is equipped with the tools to support a 5G network, which is unique and it has gained the nickname Galaxy Fold 5G. Although this new feature would not be so useful to users in regions where 5G is not available, with all these upgrades and updates, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a well-distributed weight, and its design is comfortably balanced in one hand. Samsung may have to design a special pouch or bag to carry the device because, in the folded state, the Fold creates a noticeable bulge in your pants.

Among the previous features retained on the Galaxy Fold includes a 4.6-inch display, when folded, called the cover display. Once unfolded you get a 7.3-inch show. This large display is built on an AMOLED panel on an expansive display unit and attractive visuals. The inner screen displays a notch which houses two 8MP and 10MP selfie cameras. On the fascia side, there’s a single camera sporting an 8MP unit. On the rear, the Fold displays a triple camera setup made of a 12MP camera with a 1.7 aperture, a 12MP telephoto lens with 2x magnification, and a 16MP wide-angle camera.

The Galaxy Fold also features its Power key/fingerprint scanner on the right side, beside the volume buttons. The cover display comes in handy for monitoring notification and alerts, answering calls, and making quick replies. The cover display seems to be useless for anything else as typing or operating is very uncomfortable. 

On the inner panel, the large screen size is so expansive you can open up to three apps in split-screen mode. The pop-up window also allows you to maintain numerous apps in the background.

A mighty Snapdragon SoC powers the Galaxy Fold 5G along with a 12 Gigabyte RAM. This matchup provides so much processing power and speed that apps function seamlessly and transitions are smoother than moonlight. The user experience is on the high side, especially if you enjoy games and applications that tend to task a system’s processing power and speed. With an internal memory space of 512GB makes the fact that you can’t expand it flippant information unworthy of note. 

With this level of storage capacity, you would spend a long time before thinking about managing memory space or bothering to delete individual files. A 513GB storage vault is on the level of laptops, affording you the luxury of storing expendables for as long as you see fit. The battery capacity of about 4,235mAH feature ensures your phone will keep punching even in the long haul. Paired with a 25W fast charge every recharge period would be short and fulfilling.

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