With enthusiasts anxiously waiting for the release of Destiny 2’s first expansion, we have something exciting as an appetizer before the main course meal. Bungie has released a fresh trailer for the game commonly dubbed as ‘The Curse of Osiris’.

destiny 2 curse of osiris cinematic trailer The Curse of Osiris   A new trailer is out for the lovers of Destiny 2’s first expansion

The Curse of Osiris

The trailer has been released as the first impression of its upcoming raid. Watch this short sweet trailer before we discuss more of it:

If you find things less interesting in this trailer, The Curse of Osiris has actually a whole series of new things that are yet to be uncovered. You might agree with me on the note that ‘Eater of Worlds’ happens to be the most interesting part of the trailer.

Destiny’s Second Season

The 2nd season is rolling out tomorrow with a rebalanced sandbox, as promised by Bungie. Stay tuned for more updates!

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