Matt Groening, the man behind the longest running T.V show ever The Simpsons, is up to release a brand-new Netflix series dubbed as ‘Disenchantment.’ Groening has already revealed a trailer for his upcoming new series in which he clearly isn’t in a mood to stick to his comfortable family life that was the theme of The Simpsons.

 What’s in It?

The theme of Disenchantment seems like something from the medieval times where they will be following a princess called Bean. Bean is the princess of Dreamland and if you have seen the trailer, you would know that Been is almost marrying her prince, but just at the right moment, she almost kills him, which then results in her running away to discover herself before she makes the decision to settle down.

Benders Game From the makers of The Simpsons: A new comic play ‘Disenchantment’ is rolling out soon!

A Fair Warning

The game is full of adult comedy, the actors that are starring in the upcoming show are Abbi Jacobson as Bean, Nat Faxon as Elfo, and Eric Andre as Luci. Disenchanted will be released on Netflix on August 17th.

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