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The company claims, OnePlus5 is the thinnest flagship smartphone


The OnePlus announced the release of its flagship smartphone OnePlus 5 in this summer. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipsets, the OnePlus5 will be a more powerful smartphone in OnePlus series.

OnePlus 5 is supporting the pair of the rarer camera of 23MP and of 16MP front-facing camera for making selfies and videos. The smartphone is coming with 5.5-inch QHD with resolution of 2560×1440 pixel display with Gorilla Glass. OnePlus 5 is supporting the 3,600mAh battery storage capacity.

According to the report, OnePlus co-founder and CEO, Pete Lau tweet in china version, the upcoming flagship OnePlus 5 will the thinnest smartphone. According to the report, translation of the post refers to Pete Lau “believes” that the OnePlus 5 “is the thinnest flagship phone.” But from this, we are not sure about how much the smartphone will be thinner, either OnePlus 5 will be the thinnest from other smartphones in the market or from the other OnePlus series.

We are sure about the dimensions of the OnePlus 5, so we cannot say much about how much it will thin from the OnePlus 3T or any other device. OnePlus 3T is 7.4mm thick it is expected that OnePlus 5 will be 6.9mm-thin.

According to the report, the CEO of OnePlus also mentions the company have made no compromises for user experiences for presenting thinnest smartphone. It’s quite interesting to experience the thinnest smartphone ever, let’s see how much the smartphone will unique from other smartphone in the market.

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