So, it’s official now! The Coffee Lake-S series of Intel’s upcoming processors will run on an LGA 1151 socket. The news is official as it has been confirmed by ASRock itself. The processors were detailed regarding the upcoming SKUs and the names could be found at the end of the long list released for the processors based on ‘the same’ socket.

Intel LGA 1151 Socket Intels upcoming Coffee Lake S series will run on a LGA 1151 socket   ASRock confirms!

Intel’s Motherboard Compatibility Issues

Previously, ASRock was the company through which, it was made confirm that the Intel’s Coffee Lake series is not going to support the older 100 series and 200 series motherboards. So now, that you know that the Coffee Lake-S series will run on an LGA 1151 socket, make your arrangements accordingly. The most anticipated processor among all the other Coffee Lake-S options that we have, is the flagship Core i7-8700K CPU which is going to deliver a whopping clock speed of 3.7 GHz with its 12 MB cache and 95W TDP.

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