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The Best Three CPU Coolers That Works Fine With The Ryzen CPU Platform

Best Three CPU Coolers

I know I’ve been writing ton of articles on Ryzen lately and it seems you guys like it. If Ryzen is what you want to read then Ryzen is what you get. Unfortunately the new Ryzen CPU comes with the new AM4 socket which means your old cooler won’t work. The 1700X and 1800X also don’t come with the CPU fan.

One thing if you have ASUS Crosshair VI motherboard, it comes with special AM3 mounting holes so, many current coolers will work with that mobo.

If you have a 1700 your CPU has a cooler but what about the Overclocks with it? After spending time reviewing what users are saying. It would appear most you’re able to get somewhere around a 3.5 to 3.7 ghz stable clock speed. But this is mostly with them running quite high. It is pretty impressive that AMD included a higher TDP fan than the CPU needed for some nice headroom.

But for those who really want to Overclock, they should buy a third party cooler. And this of course bring is to the third party solutions.1 of 3  

First up the higher performing Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 version. Noctua is practically infamous at this point when it comes to case and CPU fans. If you want quiet from optimal performance at lower RPM’s, you simply can’t go wrong with Noctua. They’ve actually added three new SKU’s for the AM4 compatible line instead of adding the adapter in the box. 

If you’re wondering how good of a fan you need and what can answer this question is your CPU TDP or the fans CDP, it can dissipate. The CPU manufacturers can really play around with these numbers and there’s a good bit of factors to consider like the fan CDP is usually based on 100% speed and that can get noisy.

The higher end models are more about higher TDP at lower RPM’s which of course means less voice. Keep in mind that Ryzen does have some nice TDP but this of course increases as you Overclock. Also if you’re Overclocking AMD has stated that Ryzen show’s 20 degrees higher than the actual attempts on the 1700X and 1800X model. There’s a chance your CPU is showing higher temps than it really has.Cooler Master Hyper 212X – CPU Cooler with Dual 120mm PWM Fan1 of 7  

The next cooler is far more affordable aside for those who don’t want the complete overkill solution but still retain a nice push-pull configuration. The 212X with dual 120 millimeter fans, once again remember your clearance here. But the 212X come with POM bearings for an average lifespan of 160,000 hours. The 212X is the successor of the famous 212 Evo, that includes the nicer bearings.1 of 3  

Another option from Cooler Master is the much newer, MasterAir Pro 4 CPU Cooler, though keep in mind that these don’t come with with an AM4 mount but you can get the free upgrade. If you really want a cooler that come with an AM4 support already in the box. Most of Cooler Master’s Hyper Matrix and T-series cooler already have it. So, I know this is a little short but hopefully it helps at least get you on the right track.


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