Pokémon is long term thing which needs long battery hours to keep the smartphone streamline. If you want to keep the working with maximum features like screen, processor, mobile network and GPS you needs a lot of battery power, or an independent battery source.

When you are going out long hours you need a good battery pack for the gaming session, you may be worried about capacity, charging ports and charging speed. Pokémon pack is solid battery pack with charger.

Pokémon packs: CHOETECH 10400 mAh Portable Charger:

CHOETECH must have come to your notice when you have been looking for mobile batteries, this is a battery pack offers USB port with Quick Charge speed of 3.0. It can also handle a non-quick device Nexus 6P 5V/3A charging.

1487426491 653 best external battery packs for pokemon go The best external Pokémon packs with multiple power options and USB ports


There is second USB port for more than one chargers. The CHOETECH is with another C-Type USB for android charging.

Pokémon packs:Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker is another more commonly used charger with core power 10,000 mAh battery. It should be also your option if you want to charge phone quickly as the speed 3.0. Anker is hard battery casing as the company keeps the product simple there is only USB port, Anker is offered with 18 months warranty. If you want massive on the board speed charging there is another product available with 20,000 mAh version with another USB output and self-defense device.

maxresdefault 38 The best external Pokémon packs with multiple power options and USB ports


Pokémon packs:Aukey 16000 mAh Power

if you have no need of speed charging 3.0. the other last version product of the same company is available in the market Quick Charge 2.0, the better consumption of money. Aukey battery is the perfect example for 10,000 mAh pack and with two USB ports is 16,000 mAh. One port can handle Quick Charge 2.0 speeds and the other one can handle 5V/2.4A to non-Quick Charge devices. If you are running with the shortage of money you can purchase 10,000 mAh and save $8.

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EasyAcc Monster 26000 mAh Power Bank:

This is the super solution with multiple ports and massive battery power with 26,000 mAh battery pack with four USB ports. The EasyAcc model is no special with no Quick Charge support max of 5V/2.4A, but it is special when it charge the four devices at the same time. This is a smart battery with Micro-USB inputs with eight hours charge up.